The Banner Messages !?

Have you figured out the messages in the banner?

Well, have a go! Here follows some funny phrases, try to match two of them to the left and right part of the current content of banner at the top of the page, then flip to another pair of phrases with the paging buttons (right or left).

Here come the scrambled phrases:

Our hour walks wiggely
Work watchfully aunt ant
Moo more cousin cow
Your yesterday stretches stupidly
Shout loudly mother monkey
Come close king cat
His hat hangs high
Your hope helps hugely
Your voice sings softly
Swim swiftly sister seal
Their grass grows greatly
Fly low uncle owl
Be strong brother bear
Her mind becomes bright
Jump long father fox
Its future seems sunny
Stay together family fish
My heart is easy

What about the background colours?

Well they actually make some sense: They represent the two colour schemes that are most oftenly used for Blissymbol charts - the Scandinavian one (the upper-left part of each background rectangle), and the North American / international Fitzgerald key based one (the lower-right).
Red/green for action words (verbs)
Green/blue for description words (adjectives and adverbs)
Blue/yellow for person words (pronouns and person nouns)
Yellow/red for nouns in general
(White and grey are used in both schemes for the small function words (prepositions conjunctions etc) and expressions - not appearing in this banner.)
Pale shades of background colours should typically be used to ensure good contrast with the black Blissymbols.

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