Reading with Blissymbolics is AWESOME - updates from South Africa

Louisa Alberts reports:

Hi Everybody

We had great success with Nandile at our school, to such an extent that our Principal gave us a Blissymbol classroom.

I now have 20 learners reading with Blissymbolics, from which 5 learners are already bridging from Blissymbolics to Traditional Orthography. Three learners read with Boardmaker™, Mayer-Johnson. One of them is busy bridging from Boardmaker PCS™ symbols to Blissymbolics.

Nandile reading and writing Blissymbols  Comfort Mankge reading and writing Blissymbols

Nandile and Comfort Mankge, two successful students in the Blissymbol classroom of Platorand School in South Africa

Read the full awesome updated report from Louisa here (PDF 2.2 MB)!

... and yet more: Blissymbolics – international recognition for graduate from Centre for AAC

Here's an article about Louisa's work: 'Blissfully simple!' in Inclusive Solutions Newsletter

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