Reading with Blissymbolics is AWESOME - updates from South Africa

Louisa Alberts reports:

Hi Everybody

We had great success with Nandile at our school, to such an extent that our Principal gave us a Blissymbol classroom.

I now have 20 learners reading with Blissymbolics, from which 5 learners are already bridging from Blissymbolics to Traditional Orthography. Three learners read with Boardmaker™, Mayer-Johnson. One of them is busy bridging from Boardmaker PCS™ symbols to Blissymbolics.

Nandile reading and writing Blissymbols  Comfort Mankge reading and writing Blissymbols

Nandile and Comfort Mankge, two successful students in the Blissymbol classroom of Platorand School in South Africa

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Remembering Jinny Storr

Jinny Storr

She was always there for us!

From the very beginning, Bliss in Canada has had the gift of Jinny Storr and she generously gave this gift to those in the many countries who shared in the Bliss adventure!
Jinny will forever have a huge place in my heart! What a wonderful life, so very well lived!


Read the full letter from Shirley McNaughton, the Tribute to Jinny from Claudia Wood, and another Tribute to Jinny from Anne Warrick, to celebrate the memory of Jinny Storr.

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Bliss in South Korean High School

The US teacher John Rupprecht has kindly shared his inspiring experiences of using Blissymbolics to facilitate English language studies for high school students in South Korea. John writes: "... the ability to form limitless combinations to express any concept is what makes Bliss stand head and shoulders above the picture-based systems...". Please read more from his experiences and look at the great and in som cases  innovative eamples of Bliss use that he's shared with us.

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Announcement: Annual Membership Meeting 2014

The BCI Annual Membership Meeting (AGM) for 2014 will be held over Skype (and via email) on Monday, June 16, 2014.
Time 18:00 CET, 17:00 GMT, 19:00 EET, 12:00 EDT.

All BCI members are welcome to participate. More information will folllow.

Mats Lundälv / for the BCI Board of Directors

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